Pancreatits and Bowel Obstructions

PancreatitisWhat’s summer time without BBQ’s, ice cream and corn on the cob? All of these tasty treats are all fine and well for humans, but can cause some serious problems in our pets. “People food” often contains loads of fat, sugar and carbohydrates that are all very difficult for dogs to digest. When a dog eats something that’s too high in fat, sugar or carbohydrates, its can cause the pancreas to become angry and inflamed. This can happen in cats too! So while you might think you’re doing Fluffy favour by feeding her left over gravy & mashed potatoes or sharing your ice cream cone with her, you might actually be causing more harm than good.

If your dog has recently eaten something he shouldn’t have and you notice vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, painful abdomen or anything out of the ordinary, please call your veterinarian.

And how good does that corn on the cob taste going along with your barbequed steak and ceaser salad? What ever you do, make sure you hide those left over corn cobs from your dog! Dogs love to chew on corn cobs! They’re buttery, salty and taste great. The problem arises when that corn cob gets small enough to shallow. It could become lodged in your dog’s throat causing your dog to choke or it could get stuck in the stomach or bowel which may require emergency surgery. The same goes with steak bones, chicken bones or anything else that is small enough to be swallowed.

If you notice your dog is vomiting, having diarrhea, off food, depressed and/or lethargic, please contact you veterinarian!

Other things to watch out for during the summer months:

  • Skunks, porcupines, racoons and other wild animals
  • Hot pavement
  • Sunburn
  • Fireworks & thunderstorms
  • Falls from open windows & balconies
  • Flea & worm prevention
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