Veterinary Dental Care

Just as with people, proper dental care and treatment is needed for cats and dogs to maintain the overall health of the individual. Veterinary dental procedures and diagnostic tools have evolved and improved over the past 20 years. What used to be an acceptable level of care, has now been surpassed by more modern, humane, and effective treatments and procedures. These improvements in care have lead to more successful dental procedures, happier patients, and longer, pain free lives for our furry friends.

With any medical procedure, we aim for “gold standard” care. This is considered the highest level of care available, which all other options are measured against.

The “gold standard” of veterinary dental care includes the following:

* Thorough physical examination and history
* Preoperative blood work, including a complete blood count and biochemistry
* Inhaled anaesthesia
* A dedicated area of the hospital to perform dentistry procedures
* Full mouth dental x-rays
* Concurrent intravenous fluid therapy
* Regional and local nerve blocks
* Blood pressure, oxygen level, respiratory, cardiac, and body temperature monitoring throughout the procedure by a trained technician.
* Modern and well maintained high speed dental equipment and hand instrumentation used for the procedure
* Trained veterinarian (preferably with further training in the field of dentistry)
* Complete dental charting
* Individual pain management plan for each patient
* Proper antibiotics when needed
* Home care
* Rechecks with the veterinarian

By following the “gold standard” of care in veterinary dentistry, we can address your pet’s dental/oral needs much more thoroughly and successfully. Just like with any medical procedure, if it is done properly the patient will recover quicker, be pain free, and will be able to be live a long and happy life.

Please feel free to schedule a consult with a veterinarian to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pets oral/dental health.

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