Stress Free Visits

Before Your Visit:

Carrier and Car Training

This is best started a few weeks prior to the appointment. Bring the carrier out of storage and let your pet explore in and around it on their own terms. You can help by adding their favorite blanket and treats inside.

Schedule a Happy Visit

Call us at (506) 452-1117 to book a free appointment where your pet can come in for a brief visit to meet staff, eat fantastic treats and an introduction to the scale game. It is important to keep these visits short to prevent your pet from getting stressed and so that they learn that coming to our office equals good things!

Notify Staff if Your Pet is Fearful

If you have experienced that your pet is fearful or prone to reactive behaviour it is best to let us know when you book the appointment. This is to keep our staff safe, however, also to ensure your pet is as relaxed as possible. For example, if a dog is uncomfortable in the busy reception area we can move the dog from one of the exam rooms to leave by a side door – simply avoiding the exposure to a stressor. If your cat is accustomed to a quiet household the treatment area will be kept quiet, with minimal traffic. There are many methods we do to keep your pets as happy as possible!

Muzzle Training

All dogs have the potential to bite. Ask us how to train your dog to accept and enjoy a muzzle.

Day of Your Visit

Bring Your Pet Hungry

Treats and toys offer a great distraction during the exam and vaccines. This can also build a relationship between your pet and our staff. For example, if you’re coming in early in the morning give half breakfast or feed it once they get back home. Bringing them in hungry may also decrease the chance of car sickness during the drive.

Keep Your Pet Comfortable

If your pet is being brought inside a carrier ensure they have a towel or blanket so they do not slide around while they travel. Be careful in the hot and very cold weather with indoor pets, especially cats, they are accustomed to one temperature and taking them suddenly into freezing temperatures can be the cause of much of their stress. A way to remedy this is have the car cooled down in the summer and heated in the winter before you take them to it. When bringing in a dog ensure they are wearing a leash and a properly fitting collar or harness.

Last Words:

If your pet’s anxiety is still too much there are calming supplements available (as treats, collars, and sprays). Please, feel free to approach any of our knowledgeable staff if you believe these will assist in making the vet visit better for your pet.

Lastly, relax. Our pets easily read and feed off our emotions. Speak to them in a calm voice and do not punish them if they aren’t behaving or listening – they are probably overwhelmed. Keep calm and your pet will thank you!

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