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The face you often see greeting you at our front desk is horse enthusiast, Claire! She’s grown up on the back of a horse – competing through out the Maritimes competing hunter, jumpers and her passion, eventing.

Claire’s horse, Rico, is her soul mate, which is understood by boyfriend, Joey, who knows he’ll always play second fiddle to the animals in Claire’s heart! If Claire isn’t at the barn caring for her mighty equine, she is home loving her teeny bunny, Finley.

If you hear stories about a crazy blonde riding the most wildest of equines, chances are it’s Claire! With a sense for adventure and a kind touch, she has a reputation for calming the wildest of beasts.

Always ready to take on a new task, care for a friend’s farm, take a trail ride, or go above & beyond for each and every Valley client, Claire is always on the move and ready to help!