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Well-worn jeans and t-shirt epitomize Dr. Dan’s casual country home lifestyle. It’s here where he gently places a fluffy baby chick or wee frog in his young son’s lap, where he watches his daughter, Etta, riding the family horse with his wife, Wendy. Seeing his children bond with animals is nothing short of living a dream. Having grown up on a farm, and now with his own red barn at home, it’s safe to say that this is where Dr. Dan is truly happy. But don’t mistake this laid-back country boy for a push-over! No one plays a practical joke like Dr. Dan, and he’s truly the Master of the bad (oh so bad!) pun. And beneath the casual exterior lies a fiercely dedicated veterinarian who’s treated wildlife in Australia, done emergency veterinary work in New Zealand and an externship in Mexico, then brought it all back home to dedicate himself to lifelong connections with his patients so they can truly live their best life.