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If you see a blur streaking down the road, it may just be Dr. Ally training for a marathon, or getting in a few extra kms so she can eat LOTS of chocolate and sushi! But hands-down, the way to her heart is to be furry! Her first love was Schooner, the family’s golden retriever who cared for Dr. Ally’s mother as she underwent cancer treatment. Now, it’s her own golden retriever, Eli, whose energy matches her mom’s. Dr. Ally is a published author and a world traveler, having visited 26 countries…and counting! But we won’t lose her to her favourite place, Hawaii, any time soon. She’d never tear herself from the antics of her young nieces and nephews. Dr. Ally’s heart is as big as the world she explores, and she can be counted on to turn a two-minute talk into a two-hour heart-to-heart. A tireless advocate for mental health, this highly-skilled surgeon and meticulous doctor recognizes the emotional bond between us and our pets – the very bond that motivated her to becoming the devoted veterinarian she is today.