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If there’s someone who makes people smile just by entering a room, it’s Dr. Rhonda! Something new? she’ll try it! Something different? She’ll do it! Whether playing the euphonium in the Fredericton Marching Band, teaching herself to play the a new instrument, baking up a storm, or volunteering in the community, you won’t see her sitting still for long. She injects fun into everything she does, making this bookworm the dynamo of Valley Vet, always eager to try more, learn more, and teach more. Her family includes two dogs, two cats, and her husband, Neal. Dr. Rhonda has always had an affection for varied species, and has shared her home with bearded dragons, turtles, hamsters, hermit crabs, guinea pigs, and fish. Her extended family is the perfect complement to her professional life, as she truly adores caring for every animal that comes through Valley’s door.