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Master of the “make ’em groan pun”, Jordan displays his handiwork weekly on our Valley sign – and his works have attracted their own fan base! An accomplished soccer player, Jordan will also jump into a hockey game or take an impromptu hike at a moment’s notice – then pick up a guitar when the mood strikes him. Soft-spoken and musically inclined, he’s been known to put together the perfect playlist, a talent second only to his infamous sweet and sour meatballs. You may see Jordan with his backpack thrown over his shoulder, heading off to volunteer at a spay/neuter clinic or leaving for a seminar to learn more about animal health and nutrition. Animals are his own anti-depressant, and he recognizes the love and joy they bring to us as something beyond compare. As an RVT and one of Valley’s nutritional consultants, Jordan has a true desire to help people’s pets be healthy, happy, and in our lives for as long as possible.