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Mackenzie is always on a mission. Working diligently and purposefully, whether it’s work-work or home-work, she thrives on completing projects. Down to earth and uncompromising, she organizes everything she touches, stopping only for a cup of black coffee or a snuggle from a pet. She works hard and plays hard, taking on the great outdoors with hikes through the deep woods in New Brunswick. Camping and hiking with her mom and dog, Dylanne, is the get-away she loves the most. Mackenzie flawlessly plans the excursions, of course, so companions just have to show up, ready to take on the adventure! Her cats Willow, Charlie and ‘foster fail’ Sarah opt to relax at home with her husband, Frank. Mackenzie is devoted to nursing, and serious in her commitment to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. Skilled in the lab, in surgery, and hands-on patient care, the dirty work doesn’t scare Mackenzie – she’s in it for those who need her the most.