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Category: Registered Veterinary Technician

Maegan Middleton

Who goes camping with their cat? Maegan does! Her cat, Walker, loves the car ride to camp as much as the destination, and Maegan loves spending this unique quality time together.  Walker is a special needs cat with cerebellar hyperplasia, making him a wee bit wobbly. But that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life to […]

Kendra Solomon

She’s a Maritime girl at heart! Although originally from Ottawa, Kendra fell in love with the Maritimes several years ago, and is now a permanent resident of our beautiful city. Her passion for her job means that every pet is treated with the same care and love that she showers on her own pets. Her […]

Jordan Christensen

Master of the “make ’em groan pun”, Jordan displays his handiwork weekly on our Valley sign – and his works have attracted their own fan base! An accomplished soccer player, Jordan will also jump into a hockey game or take an impromptu hike at a moment’s notice – then pick up a guitar when the […]