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Category: Veterinarian

Dr. Nicole Bourgeois

Two Boston Terriers and two young children call her ‘mom’ but to us, Dr. Nicole is an experienced veterinarian with a special interest in surgery and dermatology. Of course, having two dogs with allergies certainly helped pique that interest in dermatology! Down to earth and always smiling, Dr. Nicole goes from roughing it while camping […]

Dr. Rhonda Stone

If there’s someone who makes people smile just by entering a room, it’s Dr. Rhonda! Something new? she’ll try it! Something different? She’ll do it! Whether playing the euphonium in the Fredericton Marching Band, teaching herself to play the a new instrument, baking up a storm, or volunteering in the community, you won’t see her […]

Dr. Dan Cartwright

Well-worn jeans and t-shirt epitomize Dr. Dan’s casual country home lifestyle. It’s here where he gently places a fluffy baby chick or wee frog in his young son’s lap, where he watches his daughter, Etta, riding the family horse with his wife, Wendy. Seeing his children bond with animals is nothing short of living a […]

Dr. Allyson Finley

If you see a blur streaking down the road, it may just be Dr. Ally training for a marathon, or getting in a few extra kms so she can eat LOTS of chocolate and sushi! But hands-down, the way to her heart is to be furry! Her first love was Schooner, the family’s golden retriever […]