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Category: Veterinary Assistant

Romy Verkooijen

Romy is a Veterinary Assistant on the Valley team and we are so thankful to have her join our Valley team. Romy has a love for all animals, she especially likes wildlife and exotic pets, and she will take great care of your pets when they visit Valley, but she is freaked out by spiders! […]

Nicole Craig

Life isn’t just black and white for Nicole ~ but her cats are! Pure white, Iggy, and solid black, Storm, are the two furballs in Nicole’s life. These two stunners could masquerade as superheroes for our #1 Marvel comics fan. In addition to her passion for everything Marvel, Nicole is skilled at crocheting and knitting, […]

Jami Denton

Surrounded by a brood of pampered foster fails and rescues, Jami is a caring woman with an old soul. Her soft spot for homeless animals is matched only by her devotion to tinkering around the house sewing and gardening. The sewing is generally beds, jackets, socks, and toys for – who would have guessed it? […]